Tribal Council

Article VII – Grievance Committee

Members: Janelle Martin, Patricia Gutierrez, Philip Bahr

Section 1 – The Tribal council shall nominate four (4) tribal members to serve on the Grievance Committee to the General Council which shall then elect three (3) members to the Grievance Committee. The nominee receiving the highest number of votes shall be designated the Chairman; the nominee receiving the nest highest number of votes shall be designated the Secretary. These officers are hereby authorized to perform those duties consistent with their offices. The Grievance Committee is hereby empowered to settle all disputes except as jurisdiction may be granted to a court established under Article V. Section 1 (i) of this Constitution concerning procedures and issues of fact arising under this Constitution, except recall matters, in accordance with its provisions, pertinent ordinances, enactments and resolutions. Decisions of the Grievance Committee shall be final for the Nation and be made by majority vote. The Grievance Committee shall adopt appropriate rules and procedures necessary to assure tribal members adequate notice, the right to a hearing and representation, and the right to present evidence and to hear evidence against him or her.

Section 2 – Members of the Grievance Committee shall be independent of the Tribal Council and not sign any petitions for initiatives, referendums, recall or calling of meetings. Members of the Committee may only be removed through the recall procedures of Article VI, Section 1; such vacancies shall be filled as provided therein. Other vacancies shall be filled by special election. Members of the Tribal Council or other tribal boards or committees and their immediate families shall not serve on the Grievance Committee.

Section 3 – Appeals shall be made to the Grievance Committee within 10 days of the action of decision being appealed from. Appeals shall be made in writing, addressed to the Chairman of the Grievance Committee, and be delivered to the Tribal Office. The appeal must state the name and address of the appellant, the decision being appealed, the reasons for appeal, and such evidence or documentation the appellant deems necessary to his case.

Within five (5) days of receipt, the Grievance Committee, with the assistance of the Tribal Office Staff, shall set a hearing date no earlier then ten (10) days nor later then twenty (20) days from the date of notice the Grievance Committee and give written notice to all interested parties.

Copies of the appeal and supporting documents shall be provided the persons who took part in the decision subject to appeal.

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